Serving from the heart

People just like you are making a difference in our community by making our services available to 1,000’s. Why not come and see or phone 0411708867 and make a time to be apart of our awesome team of volunteers.

Without 15 to 20 volunteers a day our Foodbarn couldn’t operate this food relief service that 1000’s on this coast rely on. Young to old of all nations are welcome. Students looking for work experience there is a place for you.


Centrelink Host


People looking for volunteer work positions Foodbarn is a host for Centrelink volunteer placements. Retired? Why not lend a hand for a few hours a week making a difference. Tradespersons, labourers, gardeners, hosts and transport and store persons are always needed in our busy day. All help keep our 3 acre complex serving the needs of our community.
Come, be apart of this awesome team making lives and families cope a little better in these differcult times.
Contact us on 0411708867 or email us or why not just come 7.00 am to 12.30 Tuesday to Saturday wearing closed in shoes and join the team with Chris or Don.

The team serving with the heart making a huge difference.


Volunteer garden persons such as tradesman and labourers urgently required.