New Life Community Care


Family food parcels and discount supermarket for members and people experiencing hardship
12 step recovery program
Emergency accommodation
Food rescue and community foodbarn
Counselling • Chaplaincy • Advocacy • Emotional & Physical Support • Approved Workplace • Centerlink • Correctional Services • Volunteers of All Ages


New Life Community Care Accommodation, New Life Recovery Programmes and New Life Foodbarn are Community Services of New Life Community Care Charity with DGR status. We are located at 16 Dunkirk Close Arundel. We run these community based programmes on our 3 acre centre on leasehold government land. Our Foodbarn supports people in hardship with food to produce up to 9000 meals per week to those families in need. Without the help of donations and voluntary work this would not be possible. Volunteers always welcome. Why not help make a difference.


New Life Foodbarn


Our Food Barn welcomes people that are experiencing fiancial difficulties pensioners, health care and senior card holders, students, immigrants, and all those in need. The Food Barn provides cheaper than normal rates fresh food from the local markets and hand picked goods which are supplied from supermarkets and other companies in the surrounds. The Food Barn Shop section is open on Thursdays from 10-12 noon. People need to be registered to take advantage of this wonderful service. Parcel pick up and delivery for pre-ordered parcels are on Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30am with 2 cars every 7 minutes.


New Life Accommodation


New Life Accommodation, the place to be for shelter and rest, Recreation and Renewal and for people experiencing hardship and homelessness.


The New Life Accommodation is nestled on 3 acres of bushland, alcohol & smoke free unit environment, right in the heart of the beautiful Gold Coast. Each unit is fully self-contained and only minutes away from a major shopping centre, theme parks and the Broadwater just minutes away from convenient bus interchanges.


Enjoy the tranquility of the prayer garden with our friendly possums. kookaburras, lizards and other native wildlife. Hop in the car or travel by bus to all the popular shops and major theme parks as well as surf beaches which are only 10-15 minutes away.


The "New Life Accommodation" is associated with the "New Life Worship Centre - G.C.". The Church is located on these premises along with "New Life Community Care" and "New Life Foodbarn". Pastor Philip & Christine Whiting are the senior ministers & Co-Founders.


Our mission is to provide quality support for those in hardship, keeping within our ministry goals.

We invite you to come and stay, rest & play and be renewed with us for your holiday on the fabulous Gold Coast.


New Life 12 Step Recovery Program


This new hope awareness program is designed to meet the needs of people who feel that they wish to discover more about a twelve step self help growth programme.


The New Life Awareness program is happy to have members attend other 12-step recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AL ANON), G.R.O.W., Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous (Gam Anon), Loveaholics Anonymous, or any of the more than 200 hundred related 12-step programs that are available today.


We encourage each person to CARE FOR, and LOVE him or herself in an appropriate manner. As each person grows in emothional health and well-being, we will discover that the benefits will flow on to whole families and on further still into the community at large

Our desire is that people may learn to be free in their decision making, and within that freedom, each person may be able to take increasing measures to control the elements of his or her own personal affairs in daily living.


New Life Youth & Welfare Workplace

Youth and parent counseling. Prison and Chaplaincy work. Youth support. We provide skills that opens the opportunities for re-entering the work place, developing work skills, and furnish a volunteer workplace for all ages and nationalites, Centerlink, and correctional Services certified workplace

We would like to thank
Tursa Employment & Training - Helensvale for their kind support and donation to New Life Community Care. This donation will enable us to undertake and complete a much needed project.

Proudly supported by

New Life Community Care would like to thank the City of Gold Coast for the COVID-19 Community grant payments. This support has meant we have been able to purchase a forklift and defray ongoing monthly costs that has enabled us to stay open every week through COVID-19.