New Life Foodbarn has a small number of sponsors which we are so thankfull for. Gifting of food mainly bakery lines are such a great help. Other companys allow us to buy at cost and some at wholesale of which we are so thankfull.
We have fruiters, markets, farmers, bakery, select number of supermarkets, butchers, milk factories, general wholesalers, machinery shops, tradespersons, papers  that all help this awesome community service.

As we fund ourselves so any source of help or funding is such a great beneift and help in our cause as a not for profit DGR charity. We are always on the lookout for suppliers and product to source and buy.

Bric and brac sales is also a great help to us to help pay for our $700 weekly electrical bill for coldrooms and freezers we run. Please call if you have items that we may use in this or purchase or become a donator.

By customers coming they in turn sponsor our turnover so we are able to buy more. Referrals help us greatly with centrelink, and other charities and with you referring people to us it helps us to move forward. Thankyou.


Below are our sponsors:

  • Lions Runaway Bay

  • The Honorable Stuart Robert, Member For Fadden
  • Kristyn Boulton, Counsellor Division 4
  • Oz Harvest
  • Nandos
  • Second Bite
  • Super Markets
  • Local Farmers
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Gibbs Mechanical & Spare Parts
  • Tyre Power of Labrador
  • Bunnings of Arundel
  • Pespertina Church of Arundel
  • Repco
  • Trinity College
  • Nortec
  • Sarina Russo
  • Leo Butell, Fund Raising Coordinator
  • Rotary Club Coomera River
  • Freedom Forklifts Nerang
  • Direct Automotives - Pine Ridge Road Labrador
  • K. Graham Mechanical Labrador
  • Local Fruit Markets
  • Foodbank QLD
  • And all of our volunteers

    Sponsors Thank you again! Without you we could NOT keep going.