Without our super team of volunteers donating their time we would not be able to function as we do. Food donations from a number of bakers, stores, markets ,and generous families help make our service of great supplies and free food in our parcel area to our community a awesome success. Thanks to all that help our cause in our community service for without you so many 1000’s a month would miss our support in their hardship and home deliveries.

Thanks must be mentioned to a major supermarket who donated funds for our storage and containment unit also a local Rotary Club for their support pledged towards improvements and refridgeration. A donation of a second-hand chiller van by the member of Fadden, The Honorable Stuart Robert has been an outstanding benefit in or transportation division of home deliveries as well as stationary printing and seminar opportunities, and Expo exposure! We thank you! It was imperative in keeping our services going! Thank you!!!

Without this sort of support we would not be able to grow and hold the volume of food as we can now. 75% of people think we got government funding and free food but this is NOT the case most of the time. We spend thousands every month on meats, transport costs, electricity, and insurance.

Producers, suppliers, wholesalers, all help us by giving us great prices which in turn supplies our low cost supplies to our community. If you are or know of suppliers,  wholesalers or farmers that have good prices please let us know. We are a DGR Charity that can give tax deductable reciepts for goods received.

Thanks again to all that give in one way or another to help this awesome work in the community.