Community Role


New Life Foodbarn is proud to be apart of New Life Community Care a charity with D.G.R. status by the taxation department. Also foodbarn is an approved organisation to host job seekers by Centrelink undertaking voluntary work as an approved activity. Many Gold Coast Organisations , churches and Charities use New Life Foodbarn Vouchers and delievery service and onsite foodbarn to support their clients in hardship because of services and awesome value.

New Life Foodbarn feeds thousands of our Gold Coast Community a month. Figures show that our authorities believe we feed close to 7,000 people in a month. That is on Foodbank Qld. Figures.
RELIEF IN HARDSHIP IS OUR GOAL for families, pensioners, health card holders, Centrelink card holders, students, and people in hardship and is not open to general public.

We are an approved Centrelink volunteer work host and have opportunities of voluntry work for all retired persons, students anyone able and willing to work to make a difference in our community and on our 3 acre complex. These roles are Monday to Saturday different hours and days are available.


We are here to make the difference.